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High Quality Car Service in Cambridge

Why choose Autokare?

At AutoKare Cambridge, you will receive first class customer service from the moment you enquire with us. We can offer a full range of comprehensive and detailed solutions to ensure you are back on the road with minimum of disruption. The servicing will be carried out with state of the art facilities by professionally trained technicians who have years of experience. It’s one of the reasons why our customers keep returning time and time again.

Why service your car?

The main reason why you should get your car serviced is safety. A service can identify current or potential problems with your vehicle before they become a danger to yourself and other drivers.  The car manufactures make a service schedule for each individual make, if you follow this schedule, you will get the best performance from your car.

Servicing is different to MOT’s, this checks that your vehicle is road legal. An MOT must be performed every 12 months by law if your vehicle is over three years. You can book an MOT test with AutoKare Cambridge now.

Signs your car needs servicing

Identifying the signs that your car needs servicing will not only keep the cost down in the long run, it will also enable you to prolong the life of the car. If you notice your car having any of these problems, then it’s time to book your car service in Cambridge;

  • Dashboard Warning Lights

A general rule is if the light is red, it needs looking at immediately. However, to put your mind at ease the car should be booked in for a service regardless of the colour.

  • Abnormal Noises

Unusual noises can frequently come from cars, some louder than others. However, if the noise is persistent then it could indicate it has a problem and needs to be serviced.

  • Abnormal handling

Any differences in the handling of the car, it needs to be immediately looked at by a professional, during a service, our mechanics will be able to identify the cause.

Book your car service in Cambridge at AutoKare

If you feel like it’s been a long time since your car was last serviced, it’s probably the right time to book it in at AutoKare. When it’s in for a service, you will not be without a vehicle, as we can provide you with a courtesy car to make sure there are no disruptions in your day.

If you have any concerns regarding your vehicle or want to book it in for an affordable service do not hesitate to get in touch with us 01223412772 or you can email

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